How it was when I first came in,
The most deepest clouds had just set in.
Into my life not knowing why.
I was given suggestions, However I did not try.
Until one day I started to pray,
To keep all my negativity far away.
I then sought nourishment to achieve my goals,
To make my life a better soul.
Then I finally came to the end of my road,
And when I surrendered I laid down my load.
Narcotics Anonymous is what played a big part.
It reopened my mind, my soul, and my heart.
I now have a higher power. Which is God.
I thank him dearly for opening my eyes.
I like to thank Interim House and my fellow peers.
Without your support I wouldn't be aware.
And for me, I knew that I had to succeed
And the message of this poem is just take heed.

-Rhonda L.