During the course of my recovery,
I've stumbled upon a startling discovery.
There are angels working all around of me,
Working to make all of us free.
Free from our disease of addiction,
Free from our mental afflictions.
Those angels work hard day and night,
These angels work hard to make it all right.
All right for us to prove we want change
Show the world we're not that strange.
Oh, these angels do have names, like
Karen H. and Chris P., Patti and Little Ms. Kathy.
Nicole, Pat, Denise, Jennifer, Onamae.
All these angels show us a better way.
These ladies just don't talk the talk,
Ahhh, and we surely can't forget Ms. Alice,
She truly deserves to be in a palace
What I'm trying to say here,
Is all these angels are truly dear.
All these blessings we need to count,
On their wings we need to mount.
Mount up and fly away...
Zoom into a brighter day!
I'm speechless, I'm stunned, what else can I say?
Come on show me that better way.
Just open your eyes and then you'll see.
Look at all these angels flying around me!!!

-Toni M. class of '98-'99